The Catching Point Transformation

A Twelve-Week Weight Loss Strategy Based in Reality.

David Prologo, MD, FSIR, ABOM-D is a Board-Certified Obesity Medicine Physician and Subspecialized Interventional Radiologist.

Dr. Prologo has been recognized nationally and internationally for his pioneering work with human weight loss – including features on The Today Show, in the Washington Post, on Capitol Hill, in numerous in peer-reviewed journal publications, countless web based invited expert articles, and much more.

His debut non-fiction book describes modern weight loss research and strategies that have never before been offered to the public. The Catching Point Transformation – A 12-Week Weight Loss Strategy Based in Reality – is available for Order Now!

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The Catching Point Transformation


The paradox of treating pain in a system too full to manage it

The paradox of treating pain in a system too full to manage it

My 13-year-old daughter was writhing on the floor from pain in her back and belly, a fever, and intermittent chest pains. She was two days out from a spine surgery intended to fix an 8-month-old gymnastics injury. She couldn’t take any steps on her own, and it was a three-person project just to get her from the couch to the chair… read more.

Four Positive Evidence-Based Steps Towards Weight Loss

4 Evidence-Based Things We Can Do to Actually Lose Weight

Have you failed your New Year’s resolution to lose weight? You are not alone.

If your resolution plan to lose weight in 2023 has failed by now, you are not alone. The great majority of New Year’s resolutions fail.1 And that’s all comers. Those related to losing weight are even less successful… read more.

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