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David Prologo, MD, FSIR, ABOM-D is a Board-Certified Obesity Medicine Physician and Subspecialized Interventional Radiologist.

Dr. Prologo has been recognized nationally and internationally for his pioneering work with human weight loss - including features on The Today Show, in the Washington Post, on Capitol Hill, in numerous in peer-reviewed journal publications, countless web based invited expert articles, and much more.

His debut non-fiction book describes modern weight loss research and strategies that have never before been offered to the public. The Catching Point Transformation - A 12-Week Weight Loss Strategy Based in Reality – is available for Pre-Order Now!

Dr. Prologo
The Catching Point Transformation book cover

The Catching Point Transformation

A Twelve-Week Weight Loss Strategy Based in Reality.

Dr. Prologo created the widely acclaimed capacity curve to define a "catching point," beyond which dieting and exercise are no longer difficult. The catching point has been shown to correspond to a precise quantum of exercise capacity, 210 met-minutes to be exact. "We get people to a new place. A place from which they can be successful when they start a new diet or exercise program. Beyond the catching point – all of this is easy."

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